Marks & Spencer Fight Sexism in the Toy Department

Purposefully Scarred

My mum and I were at the toy store, Christmas shopping for the smallest members of our family. As Mary Elizabeth Williams (linked above) observed about the gender segregation of toy departments: “Boy world is colorful and full of action. Girl world is pink and full of tiaras.”

Seriously, the girl’s toy aisle is enough to blind you. So. Much. Pink.

One of the first toys my mother considered for my three-year-old niece was a doctor’s kit. It had the traditional plastic stethoscope, bandages, thermometer, and tote.

“Look, girls can be doctors now, too,” I said sarcastically.

Product_Fisher-Price_Medical_Kit_Pink_2a_195743217.jpgBut…nearly every item in the kit was pink.

This was clearly a “girl doctor” kit.

And they appeared to be out of “boy doctor” kits…aka a doctor kit of assorted colors like green, blue, red, and yellow.

It’s painful to admit that most of us wouldn’t take a female doctor seriously if all…

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