Infiltrating Australia through mass-immigration and ‘asylum’

The Muslim Issue

It is a deliberate and genuine interest for the Saudi’s that turmoil prevails in the Muslim world, so more Muslims can be forced on the West for “asylum”. With a rapid population growth, the Muslim population quickly doubles every seven (like in the UK) to ten years. The Saudi’s and Qatari’s then fund mosques all across the West where these Muslims have to learn Wahhabi Salafi extremist ideology from Imams from Saudi Arabia who come to teach extremism and Muslim duty to establish a worldwide Caliphate.

By getting involved in financial, petrol and weapons trade with the Arab world, and involved in their “struggles for democracy” (terrorism aiming for a coup to establish rigid Sharia), although plotted and encouraged through Arab funding, the West is tagging along and helping to speed up Wahhabi agenda and with it, its own demise. Saddam was removed, Gaddafi was removed, Mubarak was removed –…

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