2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

CBS Atlanta

Most high-end SUVs now offer All-Wheel-Drive.   And for increased traction in rain or snow, these are great systems.

But for really playin’ in the mud…for towing your bikes or kayaks down miles of muddy roads…or for real estate agents who have to occasionally go into the “wild”, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is still the real deal.

You can opt for Jeep’s famous “Select Terrain” traction-control system…giving you five modes to choose from…including snow, mud, sand and rock.   Plus Jeep’s Quadra-Lift offers different five height settings.

If you really need to go off road….and occasionally way off road, the Jeep Grand Cherokee should get you there and back with little drama.

Now…as to the level of luxury getting there and back….that depends upon the depth of your wallet.

The six is a solid performer, and is rated at 17 city /24 hwy mpg.    We averaged just a hair over 20.


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