Study: Men Develop ‘Mutant Sperm’ As They Get Older

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A new study has found that as men get older, they develop “mutant sperm,” which increases the risk of fathering a child with a genetic disorder.

Researcher Anne Goriely from the University of Oxford lead the study and stated that “like a slow form of cancer, these mutations cause stem cells in the testicles to divide abnormally, resulting in an increasing proportion of mutant sperm as men age and an ever growing chance of a mutant sperm fertilizing an egg,” New Scientist reported.

“It is something that is happening to all men,” Goriely explained. “The effect is subtle but it is real.”

Rare conditions like Apert syndrome, have recently been tied to some of the sperm mutations causing childhood development to falter in things such as fused toes and fingers.  Researchers also believe that the mutations could cause more common disorders like schizophrenia and autism…

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