Lodi Businesses Say Weak Security At Parking Garage Creates Lack Of Street Parking

CBS Sacramento

LODI (CBS13) — Lodi has a very active downtown with several shops, restaurants, and a movie theater, but the downtown parking garage doesn’t absorb most of the traffic. Several merchants said they stopped parking there when full-time security guards left.

“The security got weaker and weaker and so, people were getting their cars broken into and not wanting to park in the parking garage,” said Ramona Henninger, who works at Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition.

Tillie’s employee Kim Romas said she’s had nothing but bad experiences parking inside the garage.

“My truck has been broken into, smashed out the passenger side window, they broke off my antena, they tried to break into it three weeks ago leaving the wire hanger in my door, breaking my moulding,” said Romas.

Friday afternoon, the three-story garage with more than 300 spaces was mostly empty. There were no visible security personnel around the building, but there…

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