Study: Finding Cure For Cancer May Be Impossible

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Cancer is one of humanity’s oldest enemies. Medical accounts go back to the ancient Greeks, who thought the growths looked like crabs, and named the disease after their word for the crustacean.

Now researchers have evidence that cancer has afflicted humans for as long as our species has been around, and that certain cancer-causing genetic mutations may have evolved along with human beings.

For that reason, says lead author Thomas Bosch, an evolutionary biologist at Kiel University, doctors may never find a cure for cancer, reports Medical Daily.

The researchers base their pessimistic conclusion on the discovery of hydra stem cells, tiny polyps that formed cancer-like tumors in humans millions of years ago.

Cancer is triggered when a genetic mutation turns off the signals that tell cells to stop dividing. The new cancer cells grow uncontrollably and crowd out healthy cells.

The team bred some of the ancient…

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