Acid Attacks: The New Gender Terrorism.

The Ignited Mind !


Mumbai: “With her head bend down , staring at the floor, saliva running down her skin, a woman is unable to lift her head or close her mouth.
Acid has melted her skin, her life ahead. Acid attack or acid throwing is a fast spreading social issue in under – developed as well as developing countries. An estimated of 1,500 people are victim’s of such barbaric attacks. People throwing acids are like wild animal’s who need to be tamed before they go viral, as it happens in most cases. 80% of such attacks happen on women and about 40% of them being below 18 year’s of age. Though  most of these attacks are becoming increasingly banal in countries such India,  Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam,  Laos, Kenya, Pakistan amoung the many others, Bangladesh  has till date reported the highest number of attacks in the world!
Seldom resulting in death, the horror of…

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